Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How To Compare Plastic Surgeons Based On Reviews And Prices

If you want cosmetic surgery, it can be hard to know how to begin the process. You first need to find a doctor, but this can be difficult since there are so many plastic surgeons with years of experience. Find out how to get started when searching for the right doctor.
You should first find out if the treatment you are going to get will be covered by insurance. If so, you should check your insurance provider's website to start your search. After all, you do not want to waste time finding doctors who do not even accept your insurance. Most providers offer easy ways to search for practitioners near you who take your plan, so you can simply put in your address and perhaps the specialty you expect your surgeon to have. This will generate a list of doctors near you.
Now that you know who will be relatively cheap to go to, you should look through the list and start determining ways to narrow it down. This is when you should start looking at reviews online. You can read individual reviews of plastic surgeons to get an idea of how their patients think of them. But many sites feature ratings that make it easy to determine which doctor is the best on the site, at least according to patients who bothered to rate him or her.
If you do not have insurance, or if your surgery will not be covered at all, you cannot perform the initial step of checking your insurance provider's site to find doctors. Instead, you should start looking at the prices of nearby plastic surgeons. Once you have read the online reviews of practitioners near you, make a list of the top five or ten, and then start calling each office. Find out what the cash prices are, and then ask if there are any discounts when you pay upfront. You can also ask if there is a payment plan, since most offices feature financing programs, in case you cannot pay off the surgery right away. You need to know you can afford the treatment you want, before you choose a doctor.
After following these steps, you should know the highest rated doctors in your city, allowing you to feel confident that you will get a good result. You should also have an idea of how much you will pay for surgery from each one. Now you can make an informed decision, which should involve choosing the highest rated surgeon with the lowest prices.

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