Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finding a Dentist for Prolonged Oral Health

Whether you've just moved to a new area or have been ignoring your oral health from a professional standpoint, it's time to find a good dentist. Obviously, it doesn't take a genius to look in the phone book and find out where the closest practice is. But the phone book tells you nothing about what you'll actually find at that address. In an era where nationwide companies are providing subpar dental care and shady dealings to patients who don't know better, it pays to be careful when choosing an office. Here is a good way to find a dental professional who cares.
Personal Recommendations
If you have a job, start with your co-workers. Ask them if they have a dentist they can recommend. If you feel embarrassed about not having one of your own, mention that you're asking for a friend or tell them that you've decided to leave your current guy. They probably won't ask too many questions. Personal recommendations can go a long way, compared with advertisements and Internet research. People are willing to dish the dirt, too, so you'll find out who to avoid just as well as who to look into.
Independent Research
While nothing can beat personal recommendations when it comes to finding a dentist, not everyone has access to friends that can provide them with direction. This is especially true if you're new to the area. In this case, use the internet for what it's for. Run a search in your city and see what comes up. Look for reviews, message boards, Facebook posts, whatever you can get your hands on. Every dental office of appreciable size has a website in this day and age. You can look on these websites for more information. Don't expect unbiased testimonials, but for facts such as hours, education, and services, it will do nicely.
Take a Chance
If you're just looking for a regular dentist (and not a special procedure), you can afford to take a risk. One tooth cleaning/examination isn't going to hurt you, even if you happen to pick the worst guy in town. No friend or Internet username is going to be able to tell you exactly what you want to know. Only you can make the ultimate decision by talking to a dental professional first hand, getting a feel for the atmosphere, and seeing for yourself how the staff treats their patients. If you're not satisfied with what you see, you can always go somewhere else next time.

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