Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Finding the Right Orthopedic Specialist for Your Child

When you have a child born with birth defects it can be so very difficult. There may be a variety of issues, and in your mind you have to somehow prioritize what to think about the most. Worrying is never the answer, but putting your concerns to action is something that you can do. If one of the birth defects your child has is an abnormality with the skeletal system, you will want to find an orthopedic specialist that you can look to for the problem. They should work well with children, have experience in the area where your child has a problem, and they should have a reputation for excellent work.
Finding a pediatric orthopedic specialist might not be difficult if you live in an area that has a major hospital system. There may be several specialists in your area. One may have more pediatric experience than another. This is important, but more important is that they are good with kids whether or not they have had as many years working with them. Some doctors claim to be pediatricians, but they are so negative, you might wonder why they chose this for a life's work.
It is also important that the orthopedic specialist you choose has experience in the particular area in which your child has a malformation. There are multiple possibilities for problems that children can have with their skeletal structure. Some problems are more serious than others. The doctor you choose should have extensive practice in dealing with many of the issues and specifically you own child's situation.
Excellence in general with a reputation for it is so important as you go about choosing an orthopedic specialist. Even if your child will not need any work done for a number of years, it is wise to get a referral to an orthopedic specialist so that you can be prepared when the time does come. Depending on the problem, the most crucial time might be when your child starts sitting up or walking. Finding a doctor that is known for their good work will encourage you when the time comes to begin making visits to the doctor.
You will not regret getting the best possible care for your child. When you have a child who is born with special needs, at first you might be in survival mode, but after a time however, you will see the big picture, and you will be able to manage all of the areas that need attention.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finding a Dentist for Prolonged Oral Health

Whether you've just moved to a new area or have been ignoring your oral health from a professional standpoint, it's time to find a good dentist. Obviously, it doesn't take a genius to look in the phone book and find out where the closest practice is. But the phone book tells you nothing about what you'll actually find at that address. In an era where nationwide companies are providing subpar dental care and shady dealings to patients who don't know better, it pays to be careful when choosing an office. Here is a good way to find a dental professional who cares.
Personal Recommendations
If you have a job, start with your co-workers. Ask them if they have a dentist they can recommend. If you feel embarrassed about not having one of your own, mention that you're asking for a friend or tell them that you've decided to leave your current guy. They probably won't ask too many questions. Personal recommendations can go a long way, compared with advertisements and Internet research. People are willing to dish the dirt, too, so you'll find out who to avoid just as well as who to look into.
Independent Research
While nothing can beat personal recommendations when it comes to finding a dentist, not everyone has access to friends that can provide them with direction. This is especially true if you're new to the area. In this case, use the internet for what it's for. Run a search in your city and see what comes up. Look for reviews, message boards, Facebook posts, whatever you can get your hands on. Every dental office of appreciable size has a website in this day and age. You can look on these websites for more information. Don't expect unbiased testimonials, but for facts such as hours, education, and services, it will do nicely.
Take a Chance
If you're just looking for a regular dentist (and not a special procedure), you can afford to take a risk. One tooth cleaning/examination isn't going to hurt you, even if you happen to pick the worst guy in town. No friend or Internet username is going to be able to tell you exactly what you want to know. Only you can make the ultimate decision by talking to a dental professional first hand, getting a feel for the atmosphere, and seeing for yourself how the staff treats their patients. If you're not satisfied with what you see, you can always go somewhere else next time.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

How to Choose the Right Spa for You

If you are planning to go to a spa, you might find that there are a lot to choose from in your city. However, it is possible to narrow down your options by considering a few features in particular. Get to know what you should look for in an impressive location.
You should first make sure the spa you choose offers the services you need. Examples of common treatments include microdermabrasion, permanent makeup, and laser hair removal. These and other options can help you improve several aspects of your appearance. You can also just go to relax, in which case you should look for places that offer a massage, pedicure, facial treatment, and other calming options. Most facilities offer all of these and more, but some do not have qualified staff for all these options, which is why you should check before you go.
In fact, some places offer treatment options that they are not actually qualified to perform because their staff members are not properly trained. This means that just because a spa offers a treatment you want does not mean you should schedule it. Instead, you first need to make sure the staff is properly trained. Depending on the procedure you need done, find out the necessary certifications, and then learn whether the staff has them. You should also make sure the training is up-to-date, since techniques and medical knowledge change frequently through the years.
You are also encouraged to make sure the spa you are considering has a relaxing atmosphere. The whole point of going to a place like this, rather than a doctor's office, is that you can feel pampered. This can leave you feeling relaxed after getting both your health and appearance improved, depending on the treatment you get. The atmosphere can make a big difference in your mood when you leave, so choose a location with soothing music, an appealing office, and a staff that is dedicated to keeping clients relaxed. You can stop in the business you are considering before scheduling services, which can lead to a tour or at least a brief look at the environment you can expect to enjoy during your appointment.
You can find out most of this information from a simple phone call to the spa staff. You can also visit at least once, or find out if there is a free initial consultation to help you choose the right location and decide on the services you need. Then, when you return for your treatment, you know you can count on relaxing while getting the procedures you need.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How To Compare Plastic Surgeons Based On Reviews And Prices

If you want cosmetic surgery, it can be hard to know how to begin the process. You first need to find a doctor, but this can be difficult since there are so many plastic surgeons with years of experience. Find out how to get started when searching for the right doctor.
You should first find out if the treatment you are going to get will be covered by insurance. If so, you should check your insurance provider's website to start your search. After all, you do not want to waste time finding doctors who do not even accept your insurance. Most providers offer easy ways to search for practitioners near you who take your plan, so you can simply put in your address and perhaps the specialty you expect your surgeon to have. This will generate a list of doctors near you.
Now that you know who will be relatively cheap to go to, you should look through the list and start determining ways to narrow it down. This is when you should start looking at reviews online. You can read individual reviews of plastic surgeons to get an idea of how their patients think of them. But many sites feature ratings that make it easy to determine which doctor is the best on the site, at least according to patients who bothered to rate him or her.
If you do not have insurance, or if your surgery will not be covered at all, you cannot perform the initial step of checking your insurance provider's site to find doctors. Instead, you should start looking at the prices of nearby plastic surgeons. Once you have read the online reviews of practitioners near you, make a list of the top five or ten, and then start calling each office. Find out what the cash prices are, and then ask if there are any discounts when you pay upfront. You can also ask if there is a payment plan, since most offices feature financing programs, in case you cannot pay off the surgery right away. You need to know you can afford the treatment you want, before you choose a doctor.
After following these steps, you should know the highest rated doctors in your city, allowing you to feel confident that you will get a good result. You should also have an idea of how much you will pay for surgery from each one. Now you can make an informed decision, which should involve choosing the highest rated surgeon with the lowest prices.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

DIEP Flap Breast Reconstruction - The Positives and Negatives

A mastectomy can be a devastating experience for any woman. While surviving and defeating cancer is a cause for celebration, it can leave a lot of sadness in its wake. Many women derive a great deal of their femininity from their breasts and no one wants to risk being uncomfortable with the shape they have to see everyday in the mirror. Aesthetics are not more important than a life or death situation, but it is nonetheless a heavy burden on many cancer survivors. To that end, DIEP flap breast reconstruction aims to give women a chance to have a beautiful figure back after defeating cancer.
Here are some of the positives and negatives to the procedure:
An Overview
To understand the pros and cons of the DIEP flap breast reconstruction procedure, it helps to have a general idea of what it entails. Instead of artificial implants, the doctor will use fat and skin from the patient's tummy to mold a new mound after the mastectomy has been performed. This is where the procedure gets its name. The deep inferior epigastric perforator artery in the belly area lends the name to the operation. The result doesn't give you a natural looking appearance right away. The doctor must also perform additional work to create an artificial nipple and surrounding areola.
There are numerous advantages to DIEP flap breast reconstruction, which leads many plastic surgeons to recommend it as a procedure for those who have been through a mastectomy. Unlike similar procedures, no muscle is moved in the process, meaning recovery is faster and there is less pain involved. Because there is skin and fat taken from the belly, you are essentially getting a tummy tuck at the same time, which appeals to many women. Perhaps the best advantage to this procedure, however, is the extremely low failure rate. Estimates put it at less than 1 percent, which is good news for anyone who wants an operation they can count on.
There is no plastic surgery procedure that doesn't come without some negatives. While you shouldn't dwell on every little story about something that could go wrong, it is equally irresponsible to go into a procedure without your eyes open. First, the DIEP flap breast reconstruction operation takes longer than, say, TRAM surgery. Second, because there are two surgical sites, there will be twice the scarring, though a good surgeon will hide these as effectively as possible. Finally, there are risks as there are with any surgery, which you should discuss thoroughly with your doctor.