Wednesday, June 20, 2012

How to Know What Food Allergies You Might Have

Food allergies are very prevalent today. They can be caused by a number of problems. Everything from gluten to peanuts can be a major problem with some people. Some foods affect the stomach and others cause anaphylaxis. If you ever have anaphylaxis after eating, it is essential that you find out what caused it. Stomach issues caused by an allergy are harder to detect.
There are different ways to test what food allergies you might have. Sometimes an allergy that will eventually cause anaphylaxis will start with a rash like eczema. Because of this, it is important to pay close attention to your children after they try a new food. If a child has a rash show up, you will want to avoid it for a little while and test it again later. If your child has the same reaction or a more progressive one like hives or trouble breathing, do not give them these foods again until you see a doctor. They might refer your child to an allergist to test for food allergies.
With the foods that cause stomach issues, you might need to cut certain foods out one at a time and write in a journal to see if a problem occurs. Certain issues such as blood in stool should not be ignored. Sometimes this can be caused by a milk allergy or something as simple as a fissure or hemorrhoids. It could be something more serious as well, so if you encounter this, you should see a doctor. Wheat allergies are a major problem today. Some people actually have celiac disease, while others are simply sensitive to gluten. With celiac disease, it is essential to avoid gluten. You will be amazed at the places gluten can be found. If you think you or a family member has this disease, there are tests for it. An endoscope can be used as well as a blood test. Do not simply give up gluten without a test or without speaking to your doctor. There are many important vitamins that you will lose if you give up gluten.
Some things might come across as food allergies while in reality they are an irritant. IBS is a prevalent diagnosis today. Often it is the go-to for doctors when they do not see another option. With this illness, people present problems in different ways. Some people might have serious diarrhea and others might have serious constipation. They can be caused by a variety of foods or ingredients. Chlorinated water is one that could affect one person. Another person might be affected by some fruits. It will take trial and error to figure out your sensitivities. Once again, a journal might help you in this case. Some of the symptoms of IBS such as gas, diarrhea, and internal hemorrhoids can seem like a serious illness. The reality is that you might have to give up some things in your diet. A doctor may rule out serious issues before going with an IBS diagnosis.

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